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      MDA BlueHawk™ Headquarters Systems

      MDA BlueHawk™ provides an unclassified multi-sensor Maritime Domain Awareness picture to maritime defence and security organizations worldwide.

      MDA BlueHawk™ is a multi-satellite, unclassified maritime domain awareness solution that provides broad-area maritime surveillance across Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ), open ocean and global areas of interest. MDA BlueHawk™ enables maritime security organizations such as navies and coast guards to rapidly detect and respond to threats including illegal trafficking, sovereignty violations, illegal fishing, and bilge dumping at sea. Combining satellite monitoring, maritime databases and powerful data analytics, MDA BlueHawk™ provides the critical information and tools to detect, track, and respond to security and environmental threats worldwide.

      MDA BlueHawk™ provides broad-area monitoring, with the industry’s largest coverage at more than 250,000 square kilometers per satellite image, delivering valuable information far beyond the reach of coastal and ship-based sensors. At the heart of MDA BlueHawk™ is information derived from RADARSAT-2, the most powerful source for global maritime surveillance. This information is fused with additional data sources such as imagery from third-party radar and optical satellites, self-reported vessel information (e.g. AIS, LRIT, VMS), vessel registration databases, vessel photos, historical maritime traffic records, metocean data, watch lists, MOU lists, and customer-provided information to generate a comprehensive maritime picture.

      MDA’s solution includes sophisticated big data analytics that automatically process vast amounts of near real-time and historical maritime data to predict individual vessel behavior and detect and alert users of potential threats. Analytics and alerts are easily configurable to suit operating requirements.

      Delivered as an on?line hosted service, as a customer-owned system, or as a data feed service into an existing end-user system, MDA BlueHawk™ offers an implementation model that can be deployed within days and that can provide any maritime organization with increased maritime awareness with lower operational costs.

      BlueHawk screen
      MDA BlueHawk™ provides an unclassified multi-sensor Maritime Domain Awareness picture to maritime security organizations worldwide.

      Fusing space-based radar, AIS vessel tracking and other maritime information, MDA BlueHawk monitors vast maritime regions, rapidly detecting potential threats as far from shore as possible.